Alex Warth

Scholarly Stuff (papers, etc.)
Seymour: live programming for the classroom (paper, GitHub, try it)
Augmented Lectures (note w/ video)
van Overveld-style Constraint Relaxation (GitHub, try it)
Incremental Packrat Parsing (GitHub, site, paper, interactive visualization)
Ohm Editor: language hacking in a live programming environment (GitHub, paper, discussion on HN, try it)
Prolog Visualizer helps students understand how Prolog works! (GitHub, try it)
Ohm: a language and library for building parsers, interpreters, compilers, etc. (website, GitHub, demo)
Chorus: enabling end-users to write social apps (paper, talk)
Constraint-Based Spreadsheet (GitHub, try it)
Natural Language Datalog (GitHub, try it)
A library for creating Text++ User Interfaces (GitHub, demo)
Graphing Scrubbing Calculator (GitHub, try it)
OMeta: an object-oriented language for pattern matching (GitHub, paper, dissertation)